Head Start at Wayne Metro Parent Andrea Garrett

Andrea Garrett

Peace of mind for a single mother

See Andrea Garrett's story.

Teachers of Head Start: Shala

Shala Yancey

Helping all learners

See Shala Yancey's story.

Preschool program parent Rivers Calhoun

Rivers Calhoun

Finding the Answers

See Rivers Calhoun's story.

Special Needs Parent

Ashia Simpson

Inclusion in the Classroom

See Ashia Simpson's story.

Patricia Jordan

A Special Way of Learning

See Patricia Jordan's story.

Waymond Hayes

Inspired to Pursue a Lifelong Career in Head Start

See Waymond Hayes's story.

Jasmine Fox

Finding a New Career Path

See Jasmine Fox's story.

Ashley Turner

Filling Dreams: Head Start helps parents and children

See Ashley Turner's story.

Caurice Phillips

Offering programs to help dads

See Caurice Phillips's story.

Andre Carter

Fatherhood is about teaching

See Andre Carter's story.

Falesia Ellis

Kindergarten ready

See Falesia Ellis's story.

Willis Houston

Doula program supports pregnant mothers and grandfathers-to-be

See Willis Houston's story.

Monica Easterling

One-stop for learning and WIC nutrition services

See Monica Easterling's story.

Jennifer Walker

Support for pregnant mothers

See Jennifer Walker's story.

Dr. Nolana Nobles Bandy

A passion for learning

See Dr. Nolana Nobles Bandy 's story.

Juan Ruiz

Head start emphasizes learning through structured play

See Juan Ruiz's story.

Sterling Anderson

A place to learn practical and problem-solving skills

See Sterling Anderson's story.

Dr. Mary Tomczyk

We want children to have the finest teachers

See Dr. Mary Tomczyk's story.

Saba Muzib

Head Start is not only for children, it’s also for parents

See Saba Muzib's story.

Ameera Macki

Prepare for today, tomorrow and beyond

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Early Head Start is helping us realize our dream

See Maya's story.


It’s exciting to see all that my son is learning

See Leo's story.


Learning at every child’s level

See Doretha 's story.


The learning curve is good for him

See Troy 's story.


Finding a safe place for my baby while I’m at work

See Melva's story.


Home-based Early Head Start enhances learning at home

See Renee's story.


I got involved and found out how kids learn in the classroom

See Lakisha's story.


Head Start gives me a lot “me” time

See Jamika's story.


What the kids learn is going to stick with them for life

See Tyrone's story.


I help set policies at my daughter’s school

See Benjamin's story.


Head Start supports the whole family

See Barbara's story.


A Head Start to life!

See Katherine's story.


I volunteer everyday to help my daughter learn

See Vanessa's story.


Building skills that follow you for the rest of your life

See Kecia's story.


My kids excel through hands-on learning

See Kenyatta's story.


Head Start has taught me the importance of being a father

See Gary's story.


From parent volunteer to assistant program director

See Cheryl's story.


I want my daughter to spend time with other kids

See Larissa's story.


I trust Head Start to prepare my kids for kindergarten

See Jessica's story.


My child’s teachers are friendly and responsive

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I’m getting my degree while my daughters learn

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